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Of racisme in the south and the middle east

words from the path
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john acuff
Dec 4, 2007


Some things keep banging around my head

Things that to me donít make sense

I grew up in the south

There was a lot of racism present

Most simply ignored it

That was not right, it was sin

No one ever suggested the violence

Was committed by radical rednecks

And that southerners were guilt free

We all took the hit

And ultimately change began

Fast forward 50 years or so

We have mayhem in the middle east

Way beyond anything that happened down here

The media seems to simply ignore it

They tell us that it is the work of a few extremist

And does not represent the Moslem faith

Why are all those peaceful Moslems

Putting pressure on those few radicals

It if it an errant few of any larger group

Who must bear the weight of cleaning up the offenders

Mitt Romney the Mormon

I have opined for years

I had rather have a competent pagan

Than an incompetent Christian

Most of us have seen Christians

Who when elected simply became another politician

I remember interest rates going to double digits

There are exceptions to be sure

My problem is not per se

That Mitt is a Mormon

It is rather that he does not admit

The core beliefs of his church

That God was as we are now in another world

That he left it with Mrs. God to come here

From that union came both Jesus and Satin

And that we one day will be equal to God

There is a lot more

But the issue to me, is not that he is a Mormon

The issue is his willingness to tell the truth.

Enough pondering for the night

John Acuff

Country Lawyer

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