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A Whited What?


A whited what?

If you have even a passing knowledge of the Bible

You will remember that Jesus

Hung out with sinners

The kind you would not want to sit with in church

The real ones

His toughest words were for the religious

He was angered by their choosing which law mattered

They were exactly correct measuring spice

There was a disconnect

When they began honoring God

And treating one another as men made in the image of God

In the last 38 almost years

I have visited a whole lot of kinds of churches

So were so big on the Charismatic gifts

And if you did not have their favorite one you were not as spiritual as they

Others absolutely rigid

On whether you could play and sing both

To some they claim it is a salvation issue

I have been where a piano was ok but drums a no no

How about your prayers

Is there more posturing and the use of the same words

Over and over instead of heart crying out to Jesus

Are you Armenian or Calvinist

How much water do you use to bury a penitent

Can children take communion

What age can a child be accepted into the church

Do you fellowship

Divorced people


Or conservatives

Would Jesus be in trouble if he changed water to wine

At your covered dish dinner

Jesus said more than once there were two big issues

One: love your Lord absolutely

Two: Love other people as yourself

( I do not even suspect that you will do either perfectly but that should define your heart)

Today law should not drive our lives

Rather it should be the Love of God and the love of each other

Jesus told the religious who were sticklers for the minor laws

That you do well to keep the little ones

But it is of no value

Unless you love God and take care of people

Ever wonder what a whited sepulchral would look like in Williamson County

or where you live?


John Acuff

Country Lawyer

Apr 2019
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