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What do you talk about?

What do we talk about?

Several years ago,

Two sisters were having breakfast

Both were Christians

They went to different kinds of churches

They knew they had issues about which they differed

One of them said to the other

When we finish breakfast I want to talk to you about Church”

The other sister said in a sweet tone,

“and when we finish talking about church

I want to talk to you about Jesus”


Until I cut back,

I was eating 5 planned breakfast a week with men

This morning I stopped at Hardee’s

8 to 12 men my age and above

All of them go to church somewhere

They might have conflict if they talked of church

Do they disagree about Jesus?

I doubt it, but still he is not mentioned


I was attending other breakfast

In three of them most went to the same church

Of those I still did not hear much talk

About Jesus

I wish I could say Jesus as Billy Graham does

It has shock value, where that name is not spoken


We speak to one another

About what we think is wonderful

About what we think is bad

And if I buy something that works

You cannot stop me from talking about it

If Jesus is valued by us

If He produces what He promises

Can any one explain

Why we almost never mention His name

If we can’t say it

By seeing you love toward others

On how you live, will they ask a

What it the reason for the way you live

The reason for your hope

How long has it been

Since someone asked you about Jesus

Because you speak His name

Or love with His name

Think about it

And mention His name

It is at the name of Jesus

That the knees bow and the tongues confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory

Of God the Father

John Acuff

Country lawyer

Apr 2019
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