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Church SIgns /update on the country lawyer

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Church Signs
john acuff
Jul 24, 2008

Church Signs

Sometimes they tickle a funny bone

Sometimes they anger me

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would do

What would he put on a church sign

Today after a very tough day

Spent doing stress test

I went for a drive

To help me relax

As I came over a hill there was a road sign

“Slow Church”

I thought how wonderful it would have been instead

To see a sign

Be aware church fully alive in Jesus

If you slow down you may want to stay


Slow church

I wondered how that fit, if at all

I know this church is better than the run of the mill

Are our church signs

Indicative of our churches

Or sometimes like my words

Indicating only we like cute sayings


The Christian Church as envisioned by Jesus

Should have a warning sign

But where would you put it

He was not big on buildings


John Acuff

Country Lawyer


Catch up on the country lawyer. After test confirm no congestive heart failure

Further testing indicated that I am suffer from a hypo thyroid

The condition caused by other meds

So on new dose of the thyroid medication and I should be getting better

This apparently is the reason for months of depression or at least the degree

Months of lack of energy and motivation

Praise God

As a finale today I went through a Stress test

If it was done of POWS it would be a crime

Tomorrow I will get those results but expect no issues

Join me in thanking God for showing the doctors how to help me

Jennifer you are a servant of the most high

Carolyn your sitting and holding my had through the worst today

There are not enough words


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