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365 Ways to keep your kids safe

365 Ways to keep Kids Safe

By: Don Kennan

ISBN: 0-9774425-3-5

Price $ 29.95

432 pages


This is a book that could keep a child you love from serious injury or death. A book that could help you in successfully representing an injured child. Don Keenan, Atlanta trial lawyer extraordinary has put together 365 WAYS TO KEEP KIDS SAFE. This book is unusual in method, in format and in being backed by the stories of the law suits instituted to recover compensation to which the child is entitled.

For those of you who care about children I would rate this book as a must read. No other book sets forth in an easy to read format the dangers to children in the world in which they live. Don first shows us an injured child and the causes of the injuries. Then the result of the suit. These case studies can be very helpful for a lawyer confronting an injured child case. As parents, grandparents and others who want a safer place for children Don Keenan in short simple stories will enable us to detect and prevent accidents and injuries to the children. Please if you have kids. Grandkids or if you work with them or are involved with day care, school ,community groups this book should be the next one your buy. It could well save a precious child from injure, death or abuse. You might want to put one in a library for others to use.







As a trial attorney Don has gotten over 100 verdicts of over one million dollars and five over ten million. He has represented cases in 44 states and three continents . He has received as you might guess a whole lot of honors and awards. He and his efforts to keep children safe have been presented on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the net works and NPR> All proceeds of the sale of this book will be given to Keenanís Kids Foundation To be used to care for children . The Keenan Law firm makes sandwiches for the homeless, distributes thousands of used coats every winter and works to make a safer world for children.



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