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Three times today --on hearing God

Three times today
I grew up in a church that did not believe that God led people
Except through the Word
After thirty years I discovered He did
Have I heard the sound of His voice
No but it got so to say anything other than He led me was false
So this morning I arose very depressed
I planned to go back to sleep and tried it
I felt the Lord say, "go to church"
So I did
The preacher spoke on, " Do you believe the Bible?"
He was calling for radical commitment
He mentioned Matthew 25
And suggested that all our strict keeping of religious rules
would be on no value if we did not take care of the poor
When the invitation was given
I felt that I should go up and announce I was recommitting my life
And ask the church to pray for me
Instead my history took over and I did nothing
Later in the day I had decided to visit Bob Winger
A preacher of the Gospel and a dear brother
Now 91 years old and in rehab
I started to finish the Olympic hockey game
And my teenage granddaughter said
"Granddaddy if you are going then go on or you may wait too late"
So I went and was so very blessed
We shared memories and tears
And longed for the days we were afire with His fire
So I got two out of three right today
I am not in danger of pride as I remember many years
When I did not listen for the Lord
And others still when I heard and did not obey
Please pray for me as I begin with God's strength to change
And join me in listening for God to speak
And to be ready to obey

john acuff
country lawyer

Oct 2018
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