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The wisdom of my wife

The wisdom of my wife

One of my dear friends said

Carolyn doesn’t say much, but when she does, it pays to listen

So today I thought about one of her wise words

I thought about it as I dealt with several people

The stories come from when I was practicing law

First was someone who decided they could not do what they had told me that they would do

I respect the decision

In point of fact it is driving me

To some hard study

But I had to reschedule my day

The next one was in court

The judge took me to task

I still think we were discussing apples and oranges

But he had a black robe and I did not

So I shut my mouth

I will get it done the way he wants it

Lastly two folks who contacted to me today

Each wanting to file a lawsuit

One lady had made decisions

That allowed a lender to take her car

Too late now to do anything

The other a case of sexual harassment

It was against a defendant who has no assets

So a dry or empty verdict would result

No matter how much time, money and energy

Was invested

Carolyn spoke to each of these situations

A long time ago

Each person was unique as was their problem

One size does not fit all

Today I understood that

I took each one where they were

Or as Carolyn says

“where you are is where you are at”

You can’t be anywhere else

And you can only deal with people

Where they are

Guess who made them unique

If He takes the time to listen, and

To respond to my problems

Can I do any less for His other children

John Acuff

Old Country Lawyer

Oct 2018
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