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A wonderful day

Another Wonderful Day
Today began with a visit regarding glasses
And I got reading glasses
I no longer need them for distance
Since I got my cataracts removed
Then to Weight Watchers
And I am a bit proud as I was down four pounds
Later this afternoon
I visited Reid Norwood an Audiologist
And a hour plus in hearing test
Guess who is getting a new hearing aid
I am actually excited about it
My old one had given up the ghost
Actually I had part of it stuck in my ear
So we wait ten days or so to get the new one in
All these are signs of a man getting older
But he is learning
In whatever state he is in therein to be content
Please take care of yourselves
Larry Raper says
“it is strange you have to pay five thousand dollars
To get people to quit mumbling to you”
John Acuff
Old Country Lawyer

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