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How much straw ?

How many straws?
Most of us grew up hearing
Of the straw that broke the camelís back
The fundamental truth is that
A lot of little things
Are just as destructive as one big one
How many of us feel like the back is about to go
We need to stop and examine the straw
How much of the straw is stuff we should
Never have agreed to carry
So letís unload it

No matter how good, how much my peers
Applaud me for taking it on
Or even how much
My church may encourage me to hold the load
Too much stuff is killing too many of us
It takes some nerve to tell the preacher
That you cannot chair a committee
That you cannot teach a Sunday School class

How do you disengage?
From the heart fund, the scouts, the soccer team
Do you have to go to the meeting every time?
You once agreed to type the newsletter
To provide flowers, treats, tickets etc

It is time to stop and one by one look at the
Individual straws
And see which ones remain valid
And which ones are dragging us down
Killing us before our time
John acuff
Old Country Lawyer

Oct 2018
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