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a personal note

To all to whom this message comes
Know that this country lawyer
Thanks God for each of you
Thank you for allowing my
Words from the path
To be a part of your lives
I pray that you are blessed by them
I am blessed with so many friends
And more interesting folks that cross my path

Someone asked this week
If I were part of a religious group
Words from the Path
No it is just one ex country lawyer
Sitting looking out over the beauty of His world
And as you know if you read me close at all
I am kind of hard on religion
Too many people hurt by it
To many people enslaved by it
Jesus must feel like crying
What He died for was our freedom
To love ourselves and one another

Ok gang
Let us start from here
Love as He loved
Commit to living in His will
Not bound by the legal systems
Instituted by well meaning men which
Do not produce freedom but law
Not life but death

I pray that I can keep
Finding ideas that up lift, challenge,
And at times bring a smile or a tear
From one who like you
Treads the path of life
But not alone

John Acuff
Old Country Lawyer
I would love to hear from you

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