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God can even find a law book

God can even find a Law Book

Friday I was trying to find a source book on Immigration Law as our firm has made a commitment to assisting the growing Hispanic community in the Upper Cumberland. I should have known that God was in this as He provided a Legal Assistant that is simply awesome and I usually don' t say that about members of The Corps. I finally called Vanderbilt Law School where I attended many years ago and asked if they had a course on Immigration. They did and referred me to the Rose Immigration Law Firm in Nashville. Ms. Rose was wonderful and pointed me to a Clark-Boardman book that she had that was several years old. She gave me the 800 number.

When I got a break in a few minutes I called the number to discover that it now belonged to something called the Seventy Two Hour Emergency Contraceptive Hotline. I go "du". I think in a minute I will call for the new 800 number but instead our temp secretary came in and said that the salesman for West, the largest legal book publisher was out front and would I see him. I told her to tell him that if he had something on Immigration I would otherwise I was busy. So this neat young man came up to the office. I said." do you have the equivalent of the Clark Boardman book on Immigration Law?" He replied, " We bought out Clark Boardman a few years ago and yes I have the book you want."

I told him that there was no doubt in my mind that God had arranged his schedule to be there when I needed him as I had never seen him before. Small world, he is a believer and we had a few minutes to share. I often say that the more you pay attention the more you see the had prints of God all over your life. So know that there are no coincidences in His world and be aware and be grateful. If He will take care of a Country Lawyer the rest of you should be easy. My guardian Angel is the one you can tell by the worn wings and weary smile.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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