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Your Daylilies may be at risk of a new disease

Daylily Rust
Your beautiful daylilies could be at risk

Daylilies are one of the plants that I love. They have always fit the model of the kinds of plants that I love. You plant them and they bloom and they multiply, but not so fast that they are a problem like the Iris Pseudacorus. They simply need no care unless you like to weed and they usually will win over most weeds.

Now Dr. Alan Windham a professor at the University of Tennessee Pest Diagnostic Laboratory in Nashville had announced that Daylily Rust a fungal disease that can collapse the foliage of the daylily has been found in Tennessee. First discovered in a garden center in Chattanooga. It was first reported in the United States last year and is believed to have entered from Costa Rica.

Unlike the more common daylily problem called leaf streak where the plants have tan streaks on the leaves, the rust produces orange spores on both surfaces of the leaf. It is then windblown to infect other plants.( Does this explain why I have a problem with any thing Orange that comes from E. Tennessee) One method of control is to cut the infected foliage off the plant. So far no other treatments are recommended. If it is fungal it would appear that some of the commercial fungicides might work or if you are organic that a try with a solution of Tee Tree Oil might do the trick. If you find the disease on your plants please notify your county Ag agent.

John Acuff,
Master Gardener

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