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Most shrubs and perennials can be reproduced by several methods, as usual I am one to use the simplest and easiest. Take a cutting of the plant about eight inches long and having some leaves or buds on it. Put it at once in water. The strip off all the leaves except one set at the top. Cut the other end at an angle. Dip the new cut into rooting hormone. Plant the cutting in sand or in a mixture of sand and rooting soil or dirt. Keep it watered and in the shade.

There is a variation on this and it is to do the above except that you put the cutting in a hole punched in the ground with a stick or your Cross Pen and in either case firm the ground it making sure that al least two leaf nodes are in the ground then take a quart jar and firmly place it over the plant. Keep watered and I would not do this in full sun as it seem to me it will cook the plant though my mother did it all the time.

I recently bought three plants mail order and did not have time to plant and threw them in a water bucket and drowned them. One limb had broken off and I did as I suggested above and not it is growing well. This is any excellent was to have more plants for you or to give away. Often with tall perennial they work better if early in the season you cut them back well the part taken off very often can be easily rooted. Mums are a prime example of this. Often you can get cuttings rom friends gardens if you ask nice or do it late at nigh and be very careful.

John Acuff
Master Gardener

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