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Birds Eye View

By: J.F. Freedman
Warner Books 2001, $24.95 421 pages

The title of this book comes from a lost Whooping Crane and a historian name Fritz who is the only one who knows the bird is in the marshes of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Fritz is back on the old home place living in a shack due to the failure of the Federal Government to protect him.

Today knives must have warnings on them that they are sharp and could hurt you, the same with thousands of other things . Think how simple it would be to place a warning on zippers. Unzipping one at the wrong time or of the wrong person can cause serious consequences. In this case it causes the death of Fritz mother. It cost him a good job at the University of Texas and gets him entangled with another woman who is not who she pretend to be.

While birdwatching and taking photos, he sees a plane land on the next door land, which his family once owned. Three men get off the plane one of them is murdered and taken off on the plane. Fritz has taken pictures of it all and then finds out that the victim has been found in Baltimore in a dumpster and is a senior Russian diplomat. He keeps his nose in places where it ought not to be and yet is too dumb to really do anything with it. He drinks and one should definitely not drink and unzip at the same time. We explore the family as they deal with the death of their mom at then hands of the people who live next door.

The book gets stranger and stranger as it moves toward a resolution of the crimes and we wonder if Fritz can really for a relationship with a woman that is not based on a horizontal plane.

John Acuff

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