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Adultry,a bastard child and redemption

Miss Julia Speaks her mind
By: Ann B. Ross
Harper Collins1999 Trade Paper 313 pages $13.00

Wesley Loyd Spangler was hardly cold in the ground before he began
causing trouble, well actually he began causing trouble some time before he died but a very few knew of the seed he had planted. Now his grieving widow is spending a little of the much he left for air conditioning and a few other things. When on the front porch arrives the fruit of his extramarital farm experiments, and when the door rang there stood a scrawny Wesley Loyd Spangler, Jr. with his mother. She was leaving him with the widow while she went to go to beauty school.

The book now takes a run through the Presbyterians who try to get the old man's money by laying guilt on the widow and when that does not work having a pseudo shrink see if she is ready for the funny farm. Also on the scent of money are the child's maternal kin including a TV evangelist who is not above breaking the law by kidnaping if it will get him the money.

Through it all Miss Julia does a better than usual job of keeping her world together in the best way she knows how. At places you get so caught up in the story you want to coach her how to do it. It others you almost laugh or cry. Through it all the courage and kindness of this lady come through like a light breaking out of a box her late husband had tried to seal up. If he could have read the end of the book the shock would have killed him.

John Acuff

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