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Pat Cornwell turns to black humor

Isle of Dogs
By: Patricia Cornwell
Putnam and Sons 2001 $26.95 421 pages

I have usually liked to read Miss Cornwell's novels as they were usually highly technical murder masteries about how the relentless medical examiner of Virginia would not give up until the truth came out. Dr. Kay Scarpetta was usually a joy, even when she confused lust with love at times.
Most people have if they are honest.

She has turned form the genre to a new field for her though she has touched it in SOUTHERN CROSS. The new books are ones that I have trouble getting into very much. They are called "Black Humor" In one particular character of this book this goes beyond the pale in my opinion. Shooting fish in a barrel has never been considered sporting and yet in this book you have in some form the Dentist who has a captive audience in Tangier the Virginia Island, He can do as he pleases including destroying their teeth and the Federal Government pays for it.

You have a governor who can't see either where his wife is hiding her growing addiction to collecting trivets or how he is being poisoned by his press aid. His fat unmarried daughters take their turn and so does the Superintendent of Police who is suppressed sexually. You have the oversexed highway patrolman, who is totally incompetent and of guess what race as well as the do-gooder Black preacher who gets picked up for soliciting an undercover cop.

Tangier and the wonderful people who live there take a beating by the off islander. Our hero I think is a highway patrolman (white) who goes on the web page as Trooper Truth looking for the gang that has been robbing and killing and worst of all has kidnaped the Superintendent's Boston Terrier.
Here you'll met the guy who hates the Superintendent for putting him away and his gang of road dogs. The absolute most memorial is a member of the gang who is possessed by a demon and whose name is Unique and who kills for sexual pleasure. Can Pat Cornwell get it all straighten out before her good guys including the dog gets killed at the NASCAR races. Go figure.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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