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The Blue Last

The Blue Last
A Richard Jury Mystery
By: Martha Grimes
Viking 2001 $24.95 415 pages

Martha Grimes is a new writer to me and one that is good enough that I will at least give seriously consider reading again. It is a strange story having its beginning in a German bomb toward the end of WWII that lands on a pub called the Blue Last. Close or in the pub are a very rich lady and her daughter and, the child's nanny and her daughter. One of each pair seem to survive

For reasons that I would not have guessed a copper dying of cancer make a urgent request to Richard Judy. Judy fears the task for he has never come to terms with the death of his parents. Then the ruins of the pub are dug up and two skeletons are unearthed. Soon Simon Croft the wealthy son of the owner of the Blue Last is murdered and all that is taken is his computer stuff where he has been working on a book on WWII.

Judy wants to get into Tynedale Lodge and uses another friend to sign on as their gardener where he meets Gemma, an orphan that the head of the family found on the street and Bennie Keegan who is a orphan living on his own and earning his own way. Some how in all of this we get to tour Italy with two guy from the men's club who are checking on a painting.
All in all it makes for a hardy soup for a cold day to relax and get to know our cousins across the pond and try to beat Martha Grimes' Inspector Judy to the answers that will show us who died at the Blue Last and why Simon Croft died and what will it do for all our orphans.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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