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These two books could save your children and maybe yourself

The Ishbane Conspiracy
By: Randy, Angela and Karina Alcorn
Multnomah Press 2001 296 pages Trade Paper

The Soulbane Stratagem
By Norman Jetmundsen
John Hunt Publishing Ltd,2000 290 pages Trade paper

The first of these books should be required reading by all parents and of teenagers old enough to understand it. I am convinced that more Americans believe in evil than have in a long, long time. The Alcorns tell two stories one is about a group of highschool and college friends. Most of them have little parental influence. I am reminded of the parents to the Walker boy who just did what ever he wanted to at the moment and his parents thought most of it was cute. Completely oblivious of the drift toward the evil terrorists.
Teenagers left with no rules and no supervision will not walk the best path for them in the long run and many won't make a long run.

Ishbane is the name of one of the dark angels who plan the dissemination of the evil influences including music, games, alcohol, drugs, sex and any other action that will draw them away from the Loving God who made them. We watch Jillian Fletcher who goes to church but also insist on being in control,
If the one area she can control is food then she will be bulemic. Her boyfriend is a new believer with a lot of past. The temptation is to jump in the sack, I mean after all they really love one another and each is a "Christian' Her friends include Brittany and her lover Ian who both play semiseriously with the dark forces of the boards, spells and contacting the supernatural forces.

Interesting questions are raised about the nature of true friendship, if one does not warn or real dangers is that person a real friend. If we simply go along to get along are we helping or hurting both ourselves and friend. Questions of families, abortion , drugs, suicide and our pasts cause any of us to think, It takes some deaths to begin to get the attention, Is He that is in the Christian really greater than He that is in the world. Better than anything I have read lately this shows the dangers ,the temptations and the way of safety.
Soulbane like Ishbane is a demon. and in this book he is dealing with a couple attending Oxford University and this more than the earlier one is connected to C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters. Cade Brison is a very smart
young man from the states that on a winter's night discovers in the library a group of letters from a demon. to his superior.

Cade and his new friend Rachael try to understand what is going on. It seems that there is a war going on to destroy western civilazation and to replace it with a thralldom ruled by the diabolical forces of the Prince of
Darkness. They go on a long search to discover and try to thwart this movement. One of their resources is a book by Clive Lewis. They also get help from an old Vicar.

This book also shows way that darkness is being spread though our instutions and civilization, usually by people that don't believe in the Devil.
For him the next best thing to serving him to not believe in him and to cast dispersions on those who do as being religious fanatics or ignorant provincials . Jetmundsen a lawyer puts a lot more action in his book and like the earlier one warns us that we really are at war for all we cherish.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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