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The family act together to bless a mother and child

Are you tied in?

I have thought for years that all believers should be connected, I believe that is what the Book teaches. If we see a car on the side of the road do we consider stopping especially if it has a fish on the back. Do we at least waive at cars who feel strongly enough to put it on their bumper. Yes, it is easier to put it on the bumper than in your heart. How seriously do we take the taking care of one another.

This week end I saw what it is suppose to look like and I will change the names for two reasons, they would want it that way and it was not them who acted but Him acting through them. Friday night I got a call that a baby was being life flighted to Erlanger Children's Hospital, I was told the mother had gone through a lot of stuff recently but was going straight. Did I know any one in Chattanooga that would check on her as she did not drive and had never been in such circumstances.

I e mailed a brother and college friend who lives about 30 miles from the hospital and he left word on an MD's answering machine and told me if I didn't hear to call him back. I did and he drove to the hospital and checked on both and e mailed me that he would check again and help her materially or spiritually as needed.

Tonight I got another e mail, the Doctor was back in town and had checked on the doctors at the hospital and said that he would again tomorrow.

One young mother, with out she thought, anyone there who would even know who she was or care about her and her baby, and now she has these two plus an awesome brother and sister who do hospital visitation as a ministry looking after her. I have a strong feeling that those who acted will be blessed even more than the mother and child; but, I also have a feeling, a faith, a hope, that the caring by Christians doing what we are all called to do will make a difference in the life of the mother and the child. May God be praised.

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