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Review of Gardening magazines

Gardening Magazines
I have been an avid reader for many years and the following is a reflection on gardening magazines. Some part of it is taste and it is not whose is better or worse, they may just be different.

1. The American Gardner pub of the American Horticulture Society. Comes out six times a year and cost $35 per year which includes membership. general interest and usually well written. Some times short on how to articles.

2. Country Living Gardening 6 per year $19.95 per. Mixed usually good. I don't like the insert ads makes me think of Southern Living. Great place to steal ideas for your garden.

3. Gardening News a tabloid weekly 1pd 6 Pense really good with a lot of coverage of various plants and gardening/

4. Gardening How To , a pub of a Gardening Club 6 times a year and $18.00 really good stuff but short and you can win gardening items or get to test plants or tools. Kind of has the feel of a Mother Earth News except far better in every way.

5. The Avant Gardener one of my favorites $20 the editor is great on collecting stuff on new plants etc. It usually is 8 pages I swear run off on a mimeograph machine. Published by a dear man in New York. TTU was mentioned in a recent issue.

6. Garden Gate no ads short articles six times a year and $20
Generally good articles. A lot of how to do things like making new bed, rooting cutting et. I like it.

7. The Gardener by White Flower Farm a bit pretensions Good writing ,beautiful drawings no pictures 6 per year and $20. You used to get a gift certificate from Whites for taking it. I am buying a $19.95 rose and shipping and handling make it cost me about six bucks.

8. Flower Gardening by BH&G Jan and March $4.99 good ideas I hate the ads.

9. Tennessee Gardener a new venture by some people in Louisiana 9 issues $21.95 We'll see they called me yesterday about writing, each issue is better than the last.

10. Fine Gardening Taunton Press 6 per year. $29.95 every thing they do is first class. A mixture of awesome gardens to steal form and some how to and plant material.

11.Horticulture 4 bimonthly the rest monthly $28 per year solid gardening good on introducing new plants to you.

12. Garden Design, monthly good coffee table Magazine and while a bit pretentious is really good in design and plant information at times.

13 Organic Gardening usually more semi farming than gardening for all of us grown up hippies.

14. The English Gardener 6 times a year abt $35 Really a trip and full of beautiful gardens. Oh to live in England
as for ideas just give it not to your head gardener but to your garden planner and he or she will pass it one to the staff.

15 Country Living Gardener a class publication with lots of pictures, You know you can steal from the way someone had a pro do it for thousand of dollars.

16. Birds and Blooms Kind of fun to go through. Bird houses and feeders that you would kill for. At times a really good article on how to attract birds.

If I had to choose the tops by my liking them, it would go
15,6,4,5,10 I hope they encourage to try more ideas in your garden.
John Acuff

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