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The Outside and the Inside
Late this spring we began to make a little money at the office after a long dry spell and knew that some maintenance needed to be done. Two things came to mind. The shutters which were wooden, and the sun, was beating them to death. They were fading and coming apart. Then there were the dormers on the building that needed painting or siding. We had ordered the work done and were waiting for the shutters, thinking how beautiful the building would be. Our office is a house and was redone by the architect that did the Franklin Tn square restoration. It is modeled on the Brush-Everhard house in Williamsburg.

This spring we were blessed by two of God's folks who came over to help after we fired all the clerical staff for deciding enmass not to work at full speed. Jay and Deb, the parents of Karen who was clerking for us prior to taking the bar; have turned our office and our lives, upside down. They painted offices, removed tons of junk of one sort or the other. In one of the downstairs windows I knew there was some water damage that needed to be fixed. Jay discovered that we had a current termite problem. We had one about ten years or so ago and had the damage repaired and the place drilled and poisoned.

Tearing out the wall showed a lot of new damage. The room like the building looked really good. The inside was another story. Jay and Deb took out the cabinets and tore out the wall. You look at the damage and could see where the treated wood was fine but that which had not been replaced was like paper. Termites have to have moisture to travel and that end of the building while I consider it ground level is a few inches below grade.

Last night I could not sleep and got up rather than fight the bed and keep Carolyn awake. The Lord began, as He so often does to show me a spiritual lesson from the physical situation. The building looked good as Jesus said about their whitewashed tombs, but inside were full of dead men's bones.
I thought of how often I make sure that the visible man looks good ,and do not even consider the inner man. The inner man can get so eaten up that sooner or later the inside becomes visible to the onlookers. He also said that if you take good care of the inner man the cost of maintaining the outer man is much less.

The place with moisture is the areas where we touch the evil in the world and think that there is no danger. The evil one like the termite will use the moisture to build a tunnel that goes places in us that we thought were safe.
The best defense is to maintain a vigilance toward all places where we are venerable to incursions of the enemy and to have in your world believers who like Jay will take a close look to see if there are any signs of the evil one starting to invade your inner man. We don't have to suffer in the spirit the damage that our building has in the physical. God will keep us free of spiritual termites if we allow Him and a few others to watch for our souls welfare.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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