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Tennessee Gardener's Guide A treasure and a Joy

Tennessee Gardener’s Guide (3rd)
By: Judy Lowe
Cool Springs Press a div. of Thomas Nelson
2001 $24.99 Trade Paper 272 pages

This is one that I almost stumbled upon in a Foozles bookstore in the Crossville Mall. I thought it was a redoing of a similar title and almost did not pick it up. I would have been forever the poorer. It is widely available think that any Tennessee Gardener will profit from wandering through this book as I have, again and again. It is not a heavy tomb on horticulture though when she touches the many subject she does a good job.

This is a book with a lot of pictures of plants that can be grown in Tennessee. It gives both the Latin and the common names. She sets forth in clear English sentences the requirements of the plant and where you might work it into your garden. She also writes well on the general subject of the planning of your garden and how to make it a pleasure after the first two weeks of June.

She pointed out to me the beauty of several plants that I had not considered. I love the entry for Crossvine, Bignonia capreolata
“Hummingbirds love this fast-growing evergreen vine. U.T. fans should, too. Orange, tubular flowers,(often yellow inside)... I will make no editorial comment on that. I know Christmas is past for 02 but this is a present you should buy yourself or another gardener. You will not regret it, it is a treasure and a joy.

John Acuff
Master Gardener

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