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Warning, Check the plants you buy

Warning Look at the Plants
Due to a heart rhythm problem, this year I am limited at how much I can garden. Today I went to three garden centers. I looked at hundreds of plants. At last I succumbed to temptation and bought six Lantana “ Mrs Huff” , three columbine and two Clematis. Getting home to plant them I found that the Columbine were obviously held over somewhere in a quart pot; they were root bound beyond belief .I took my trusty knife and cut up the root area. They may live but it will take time for them to recover. The Lantana were not so bad but the roots were circling the pot and much to my surprise the Clematis though only 18 inches tall were also root bound.

We are usually told to check the pot that a shrub is in. A couple of years ago I bought my first lilac and discovered that a quart plant had been repotted so recently that it fell out on the way home. I was looking at Hellebores at a nursery today and was told by someone who matters, they will have more next week do not buy these.
The only good thing about Lowes is that if the plant dies in the first year they will replace it. That does not replace the time and labor and the fading hope.

So lets be willing to check the pots and see what kind of root system the plant has. In the summer sales I am use to root bound plants; but, in April I was surprised. Shop for plants at least as carefully as you would a decorative item for your house as it may if you choose wisely be around long after the pretty thing for the house has made the trip to the good will.


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