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If you plant it take a picture of it

If you Plant it, Take a Picture of It
Ever since I bought a Yashica (sp) when I was a young Naval Officer in Naples I have taken pictures. Today I use three cameras (1) A Nikon with a lot lenses and a lot of age. (2) I use a Sony digital with a storage card that will hole over fifty shots. (3) Very often you will find me with a throw away camera. Each of them have advantages. Don’t think you have to have all three or the newer ones with bells and whistles.

Have you ever had a plant and thought how nice it would be to send a friend far off or a family member a picture of your garden. I do it with all three. A couple of years ago I started writing a young lady going through an illness. Each time I wrote I sent her a picture I had taken in my garden and all of these were taken with the throw away camera. Her mother told me how she appreciated them.

Today as I walked in my computer room I spotted four pictures I took at White Flower Farm in Litchfield Connecticut about 83 or 85 they bring back the memories of for the first time in my life being overwhelmed by flowers, Three of them are of tuberous Begonias and one of a mass o lilies. I notice in all of them I was up close enough to really see the flowers.

The best time to take pictures unless you really are into is, is when you have the camera in hand or when you think about it. Get two copies of them so you can share. With Walmart’s machine you can enlarge them for framing,

The practical use of photographs is to take pictures of broad areas of your garden so you can plan for next year, Pictures of your blooming bulbs so you know where to plant next year. If you put something in the picture so you know the scale, a ruler or landscape timber or anything else handy, it can help you in deciding what you might want to re do or show whether or not you have room for a shrub or tree. It could keep you from having shrubs trying to be king of the row. And perhaps lastly a picture of you in a garden is special to friends as are pictures of children or pets, So count film as one of the parts of a garden that blesses yourself and others. Sometimes in a long winter, it gives joy just to look at the blooms that were and know they will be again.

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