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Secret Justice How do you get information from a terrorist

Secret Justice

By: James W. Huston

William Morrow NY 2003 pages 386 $ 24.95

Jim Huston is a master of weaving a tale from his life experience. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School. He was in the "Top Gun" in the United States Navy and flew off carrier decks. He served for a time in the Navy Intelligence organization. He has a very strong sense of what is right an what is wrong.

All this is brought to bear as we follow an situation that seems like it might be tomorrow’s headline. The World’s most dangerous terrorist has been located at a compound in Sudan. LT. James Kent Rathman, a navy seal on loan to the C.I.A. leads one of several teams in the air waiting to jump. His team gets the call , and is stunned to find him gone. They capture one man and he is asked were the leader went. Thinking he can stonewall; he refused to answer. LT. Rathman does a little creative interrogating, using a water table to make him think he is going to drown. He talks and the leader is captured.

The two terrorist at taken to the U.S.S. Belleau Woods , Soon the interrogated one becomes sick and dies but not before telling a "bleeding heart" Navy Doctor who is involved in several organizations who always consider the U.S. at fault. The Doctor reports the death to the various groups and The Stalwart Belgians threaten to prosecute in the U.S. does not. Now Rat becomes entangles in the political infighting in Washington. A Cabinet member believes that by taking down Rathman, he can achieve dominance over the National Security Advisor.

The Terrorist is being tried and Rathman in the top floor secret court at the Department of Justice. Rat’s girlfriend a Navy Commander Medical Branch begins waiver, She cannot understand why Rat’s methods were necessary when there were in violation of our constitution and the Geneva Convention.

Rathman’s lawyer is an old guy and doesn’t seem competent. That part will be very interesting. Now on the Belleau it is discovered that the Prime Terrorist is like one of Saddam’s double. Still loose in the world and trying to get Nuclear material from Russia and Georgia.. Planning to take out a large American city.

Rat is the best qualified person to go after the new threat. Still tied with his own trial, will he go after the threat. If so can he avert a disaster . What will the Court decide about using tools to get information that could not be used in a criminal case in the U.S. In defending against terror do we have the right to set aside the Constitutional rights of an accused, if it may save the country; Does the Constitution apply to non Americans attacking our Western Civilization Does the Geneva Convention apply to countries non having signed it? Or when individuals instead of Governments go to war.

This is a very good read and the questions it rases seem less easy to answer when the answers may cause the death of many of our countrymen and the destruction of our way of life.

John Acuff

Country Lawyer

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