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12 lessons from a country lawyer/gardener

1. You have far more energy when you pick out the plants than when you are digging the holes for them.

2. The Editor of Fine Gardening says it is perfectly normal to go to the nursery with no idea where you are going to plant them. It is also OK to buy without having a place picked to plant it. Please show this to the non gardeners who raise the issue.

3. John Ruskin said something to the effect " I have no quarrel with the one who makes a product and sells it cheaper than mine. I presume he is a better judge of its value than I am>"

4. Apply the lesson is "3" to garden centers and nurseries. Guess who has just finished an hour mostly trying to get two shrubs out of plastic pots and then cutting off the bottom and most of the sides of the root "balls" .Hoping against hope that what is left can have a good drink.

5. If possible paint you garden tools in "international orange" or similar colors, it will prevent the surprise in a year or so when you try to dig a whole or mow and there is an unpleasant contact with the tool, you last used here.

6. Know what a tree is before you are so certain it needs to go. They may be hard to cut but trust me, Joyce Killmer was right,"Only God can make a tree."

7. On the other hand, as we lawyers always say, if you paid for it and you planted it, you are an absolute master and can abuse it with a weedeater, spray it accidentally with weed killer, plant it where in five years it will push you house over or you can simply decide it was a bad choice and make one pruning cut parallel with and very close to the ground.

8. Now that we have the internet, there is little reason to go looking for a plant without some understanding of its needs, size, will it poison the grandchildren, take the world or simply be awesome.

9. Before you mortgage the farm to make and order from a catalog or off the internet. sample them first or ask others. Wayside had Hosta P. Venus that I wanted very much, the problem was they were $40 plus shipping. I spent twenty minutes and bought 2 for 40 net.

10. If you buy from Lowe's put the sales slip in a place where you might find it. They will be happy to replace them. Wonder if it works with Annuals?

11. If you buy a plant and it simply is not viable when you get it. call at once and tell them. Most will send a replacement. Note those who don't and warn the rest of us as well as for nurseries that are not truthful in what they tell you about the plants.

12. If you buy garden tools, I know that at least Sears and Lowes will be more than fair if it breaks. Sears has also kept all persons called on active duty on full pay and benefits.

That is a dozen. Why don't you share wisdom you paid the tuition or as Dave Ramsey says, "You paid the dumb tax for it>"

Enjoy His Earth.

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