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Ollie North writes again

The Jericho Sanction
by Oliver North
Broadman and Holman Nashville 2003
553pages $24.95
Lt.Col. Oliver North has, with however much help from some guy, named Joe Musser, churned out a new novel; in what, must be a trilogy as each keeps the door opened demanding closure. As much as this book is in the new Christian Adventure genre ie that means a page turner for Christians who like a little blood with their coffee; and, have an inherent distrust for government. The cardboard cutouts are moved around the middle east and the Oval office either by God or by chance or the evil one.

I thought His first book did some interesting things; it brought people who were clearly disciples of Jesus into the real world. It was too long; bu,t I thought ok, so it is a first try. In Mission Compromised, the cast was assembled, USMC Lt Col Peter Newman and his new wife Rachel are trying to sort out her new faith. Does it mean the end, or the beginning ,of their lives together.
We have the Black Gunny Sgt and the Marine General who is a fervent believer. They all belong to some movement called by various names who identify themselves by the sign of the fish. Many Christians would long to be a part of such a group. Now problems with church and state or with bishops and priest who like little boys.

The Russians and the Iraqis are at it again trying to work a trade for some weapons grade uranium. The mole deep in the D.C. establishment is feeding the very best intel to the Russians. Though this the Russian General
Komulakov and his handyman Dotensk, discover that Newman and his wife did not die; in the bomb bast, at the boat following the sale out of the 95 assignation planned by the U.N.. Now the game is on to get the mole who may know too much and the weapon the Russian wants is Newman.

So he kidnaps Mrs. Newman and the wife of a Jewish security operative. The story then becomes a foot race to see if the wives can be saved before the Israelis launch a preemptive strike on Iraq before it can get the Nuclear material where they can use it to hit Israel. Saddle up folks for a lot of sand and dirty prisons, close calls, devoted disciples. Some of the most interesting characters are the Iraqie people who come in all sorts of flavors from Saddams to the boarder guard to scared kids and gracious believers whose people where there when the English were painting themselves blue before battle.

There is religious talk in this book on the same general scheduling as sex is put into other genera , It is an area, where less, can be more. It is not so much that it is preachy, but it is rather like saying, “ let’s pause here and tell them why we are doing this” I have found that walking the walk requires far fewer words. He is going to keep writing, so Pray for Ollie North, to discover a way to communicate a deeper more mature faith. to communicate a life walked beside the Carpenter.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

Also Pray for Joe Musser the ghoster

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