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Who wants to kill an Iraqi grad student and the President of the US

The Iraqi Provocation
By: Larry Soderquist
An Eric Berg Mystery
Hillsboro Press 2003,Trade Paper 154 pages

Soderquist is a piece of work. A Vanderbilt law professor, has taught at Harvard and was chief intelligence officer on a Army General’s staff. He lived in Moscow during the cold war and more recently has showed real intelligence by living at least part of the time on a Tennessee farm. We always like those with whom we can identify.

Eric Berg is unusual, he is a theology professor and the chief of the campus police. He has a beautiful wife who is a professor and last but not least a Lab that makes Eric exercise. As the book opens, Eric is attempting to prevent himself from jumping back in the rack with Kate, his best detective. How many know it is easier to stay in the road than to get back in the road. Kate is beautiful and always around. The campus is usually very quiet, and then an explosion.

An Iraqi student is blown up on his bicycle. They begin to attempt to sort out the killing. Was it someone who hates Arabs? Was it someone who had a beef with the University? Perhaps he blew himself up. Eric invites his FBI friend to play in this game. Shortly the campus is excited, as the President of the United States is coming for a visit. If this is a terrorist attack; the, is He at risk.

He is on the podium with the President when some one shouts, “gun!” Eric throws himself across the target. He takes the bullet intended for the President. Now he is a hero, but one trying hard with Kate and the various Federal types to determine who took the shot and why.

Now we enter a world where light appears as darkness and our enemies may be our friends. Will another attack occur? Will Eric be able to sort out the assignation attempt. How does the lady of easy virtue fit in. Is her virtue any easier than Eric and Kates? Will the one night stand make Eric more susceptible to the beauty of Kate? It is a good read and the answers will surprise you.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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