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Can Politics get stranger?

Citizen Sidel
By: Jerome Charyn
The Mysterious Press 1999 $23.00 218 pages

My friend Walker did me right again. Two recommendations and two good reads. That’s better than I do picking them. I always ask many people I meet. “What are you reading?” There are some depressing answers, “ I don’t read “ I only read “Christian” books.” The good ones tell me about books that I have not known about. So it was that this book came to my attention.

It is set in New York City, it is summer and the Mayor has been nominated to be vice president. The Democratic convention is in town and it appears everything is coming unglued. Sidel is a Jewish Cop rising because of Irish Police and his Irish wife. She long ago left and is in the south of Florida. The cast is about as wild as it gets. Thugs, most of them wearing blue. New York gangs working for a stranger Power. Mystery women, one the wife of a former Nazi torturer.

The man nominated for president is J. Michael Storm who was once a college radical in New York. He is a man with a lot of weaknesses who is running against a sitting president who is playing God with the inner city. Sidel begins to see that the slums are having the life sucked out of them. The nearest police unit that claims to be their saviors by killing thugs is now their warden.

The plot thickens as Storm’s 12 year old daughter decides to stay in the Mayor’s Gracie Mansion. She bakes good cookies. They each have agents guarding them. However, it seems that there are those out there who wish them harm. Sidel becomes popular when the public discovers that Sidel carries and is not afraid of any thing. The bodies pile up and the politics go very strange.
Can a man be murdered twice. Can a trained rat protect it’s owner. What a bout the Candidates wife’s boyfriend, the gang member who paints, the FBI who is working for the President to take care of Sidel.

The author has written a lot of books and I love it when I discover a writer who I enjoy and have a new treasure trove to explore. I hope that you enjoy it. I

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