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DOT is the secret to being a happier gardener

DOT is the secret of a happy gardener. My son Karl in Tallahassee who is growing as a gardener gave me the advice a couple of years ago. He gave it in relation to my desk and the house; but, it is equally true for the gardener. An example follows.

This morning I thought I would go out and do a lot of things that needed doing. First I took the Siberian Iris I had divided , I had planted several but left a lot in chunks laying out on the ground. Today I took the ones left and put them in a bucket to soak for a while to rejuvenate them. Next there were Hostas that needed to be divided and moved. I started and then say some daylilies that need the same treatment so I dug them hacked them apart and started to plant them. Meanwhile I went out to help Carolyn in the dog paddock and to attack some big ailanthus trees.
Got some nails to repair the deck they were too small so left the hammer on the deck.

What my garden needs most after three years of involuntary neglect is more planning and less puttering. You can wear yourself out doing part of this a part of that and at then end of the day feel like you have not done any thing. Make a list and go down it, oh sometimes it is ok to think of something else but not often

What son Karl taught me was DOT, do one thing, finish it and do one more thing, I end the day feeling like I accomplished something of value. Why because I finished the items that I had scheduled. Instead of seeing a half dozen projects begun I have something to look out that is finished.. When one gardens one should never expect to finish the garden, but finishing some garden task will make it more fun.

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