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You need a break

Why can't you ever give yourself a break?!!!


This is a good word from some one I cherish. When I confess my foul ups, usually I am not likely to carry them around with me. Dogwood a musical group that I shepherded thirty years ago said in a song, " Once Iíve confessed the truth, the guilt that comes around not my concern." That is my usual way of dealing with error/mistake/sin.

Usually, but not always. Sometimes, I like all of you, choose to cherish what someone has said that puts in a bad light. It may have been a teacher, preacher, friend, spouse etc etc. but it seems that it has stuck to you. You donít seem capable of laying it down. You lay this horrid thing on the altar and beg God to forgive you and then you pick it up and carry it off. Your back is bent, you visage saddened. Time after time like the Albatross around the sailorís neck.

I have some good news. If you are a disciple of the Nazarene, no matter how flawed, there is an answer. He loves you absolutely, without qualification or condition. He listens to your heart. When you are convicted before Him; He hears the prayer long before you knell to pray at night. He came to deal with your sin and to carry the burden of that sin for you.

When you refuse to lay it down you cheat Him out of the joy He has when His children go forth from cleansing to dancing. So today, know that the Eternal King thinks that you are wonderful. You bring Him joy when you accept His love and dance in the freedom from your burden.

So today may we all look in the mirror and say, " this is a good person, a blessed person, created in the image of God. I am standing here free from any sin. I am going out to enjoy this day and I will not accept the charges that "Slewfoot" brings against me. I refuse any guilt from any sin that I have allowed Jesus to forgive and I now ask Him in case of any doubt to clean me and send me forth as His blessed child to forgive and lift up my fellow pilgrims on the way home. Today I will give myself the benefit of forgivness" Today Marcy I will give myself a break, come and join me.

Godís messenger boy working out an new address book if you get more than one copy please let me know

these words come from the heart of a country lawyer who is pressing on toward my Lord. If you are on this list and want to be removed just hit reply if you got this via a forward and would like to be added to the list or to comment on it just hit this address and let me know

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