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I did not think it was that bad when you had it

I didn’t think it was that bad

In 1980 I had just had chest surgery to explore a spot that showed on X-ray but at that time they could not identify. It when found was not cancer. At my follow up visit my surgeon Bill Stoney told me a story . Dr Burris one of his partners had heart surgery since I had seen Dr. Stoney. He said “ I asked Dr Burris what he had learned. Dr.Burris replied, “Bill it hurts a hell of a lot more than we thought it did.”

About a half dozen years ago, my wife Carolyn came down with shingles. It is a virus infection of the nerves. It can happen to anyone who had Chicken Pox. It usually comes when you are over fifty and stressed. It can last from a few days to the rest of your life. She had a rash on her back and told me it was hyper sensitive. She told me that she could hardly bear to have anything touch it. I am sure that I was a sympatric husband.

After this last Christmas, I thought that I had a muscle catch in my left side. Finally after a day or so I asked Carolyn to look to see if she could see anything. I pulled up my shirt and she said, “Shingles”.

I promise if she has them again I will be a lot more caring and understanding of the constant pain and discomfort. Isn’t there a lesson here that all of us should learn. The story about walking a mile in the other person’s Dock siders comes to mind. Really bear this in mind as you are with other people. As I started, I told Carolyn, “I didn’t think it was too bad, when you had it.” I still have the bruise that came soon after my statement. Go therefore and be wise.

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