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Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin

Lost Lake
By: Phillip Margolin
Harper Collins 2005
321 pages $25.95

Young lawyers usually wind up places they did not intend to go. AmyVergano, trip is beyond your wildest imagination. She is a single mother, son Ryan is a little league player. As too often is true there is a parent who is full or rage. He begins abusing the coach. Dan, the man who rents a garage apartment from Amy takes the coaches side. When the dust settles the bully lies on the ground with a ball point pen in his neck, a policeman who tried to restrain Dan winds up on the ground and Dan is shot by another policeman.

The violence shocks Amy and her son. Could the nice man who played catch with Ryan by a brutal killer? This book is full of blood and thunder. High tech tools and woods smarts. It plays out against a rich estate on the ocean and the fleeing man. How did he escape the guarded hospital room?

From there the story gets a bit unreal but so often life is that way. Dan is in the hospital, a strange woman shows up at Amy’s office and wants her to represent Dan but the explanation is that her father who is running for president has for years had a private army that kills at his order.

In Washington a woman sees the news coverage and believes that she has found the one man on earth who can prove that she is not crazy but the victim of her father a respected General running for president. Her stories are a stretch. She hires Amy to represent Dan. Amy agrees only until she can get a competent criminal lawyer to take over.

Amy is opposed by an Assistant DA who has a whole lot of pain from losing his wife. He lashes out at Amy and threatens both her legal ability and her law license.

Will truth come out and even if it does will it save Dan and Venessa, high school lovers torn apart by her father and Viet Nam. The General holds all the cards, except one FBI agent who has been working a murder that Dan committed twenty years ago.

Phillip Margolin makes even the unbelievable story work. He is a lawyer that has been there and done that. He knows the system and the inside of a court room. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did.

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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