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Rococo by Adriana Trigiani

By: Adriana Trigiani
2005 Random House NY
$24.95 267 pages

I wish that I had never read a book by Adriana Trigiani. For if that were so I would have so much pleasure waiting for me. This is the only non biblical series that I enjoy in a series of feast. Speaking of feast, she has convinced me that the Italians know a lot about feasting. A few recipes in here I want to try also.

Mr. “B” tells the story. He is an interior decorator in a small Italian parish near the sea. His dream is to redo Our Lady of Fatima Church. I was sure you understood this was not a Baptist church.

Mr, Bartolomeo Di Crespi is wise, witty, urbane in Jersey no less, and the one who has been pared with the myopic Capri Mandelbaum and neither know how to escape. Their mothers decided at their births that the two would wed. Part of this tale is Carpi’s coming of age at forty, It is a wonder how contacts maximize how you seen and how you are seen, He mom how ever wants to hold the reins. Mrs. Mandelbaum Capri’s mother is the richest woman in New Jersey, She has kept “B” decorating her house and has become his sponsor. She along with a few other strange people get permission for “B” to redo the church.

All is not easy. Mr.”B” has developed a bit of pride. It is hard when you have too much pride and need help. He struggles to let his passion loose in the family church. In some ways he wants to be safe. How will this crisis of inspiration survive Mrs Mandelbaum cutting off the money. Do you believe in Miracles in New Jersey?

His wacky wonderful family is worth the price of the book as they whine and cry about each and every thing. They can’t even keep a divorce done, Is the jilted wife now the other woman with her ex. Go figure. Put in a dash of NY City decorators, an Irish and Mexican team who believe a Church should not be just for ritual but for experiencing the Awesomeness of a Loving God.

Eydie is like “B” unlucky in love and finds a friend in him. She also introduces him to some talented friends. I am not sure of the Italian word for stew. But this one has it all, beauty, faith, sex, pride and most of all a family that will endure. Yes and they will endure in your memory.

Lady, as we say in the hills .”You done good.”

John Acuff
Country Lawyer

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