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It is not hard it is impossible

Following Jesus

Let’s get a few things straight following Jesus in not hard

It is impossible in our own strength

Most of the fights come when we try to do it in our own strength

Were this not so the writers of the New Testament

Would not have used so many words

Words like, bearing one another’s burdens

Could that mean putting up with someone who misunderstands

Something we are sure about

Longsuffering, I have not begun to master this one

My history is that I will escape or make the one whom offends me

Wish he had not done so

Would that I would allow Jesus to give me the grace

To endure some of the dumb things that others say

Stay still when someone is wrong

About how often to meet or what time

About worshipping , A Capella or not

About how much are my sisters are allowed to do or not do

In public

You get my drift

As long as you are surrendered to Jesus

As long as you are open to Him to follow what ever He ask

I will not measure that by the number of other things we agree or disagree on

I will put up with at least as much as I would with my children or my wife

And I will do so with an attitude reflecting the heart of Jesus

I have learned a few things in sixty-five years

I can not convert anyone

I can not make them change

No matter how “right” my position

Or how loud I raise my voice

The only redemptive actions I can take

Is to love them and pray for them

Pray that I will not only say that but that I will live that way

John acuff

Country Lawyer

To comment or be removed

Two additional comments do you tell if someone is committed to Jesus as Lord. I would look to attitude and to see if the fruit of the spirit is manifest. Fruit is a good sign as to whether or not a tree is alive.

2. There are situations in which we as individuals or as Shepard must deal with conflict but it should be done with prayer and fasting. It should not be done in an iinstutional manner but as loving Christians/Shepherds showing His love and trying to protect the flock.

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