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Mark Twain and Peter Marshall


Mark Twain and Peter Marshall

That irreverent river pilot who said so many

Outrageous things

Said something that has haunted me for years

So often I find myself

Pondering the New Covenant of Jesus

I have had serious discussion more than once

On when the end times will come

On why foot washing does not mean foot washing

On how often you should take the supper

How much should you give

Are you going to hell for using a band in church

How deep does the baptismal font have to be

How clear in the Book is the doctrine of the Trinity

The definition of church leadership

Can you pay a preacher

Can a woman preach or be an elder

What is the age of accountability

In the midst of all those good discussions

Mark Twain shouts,

“ It is not what I don’t understand about the Bible

That worries me. It is what I do understand .”

How clear is it that He died for me

He calls me from darkness to live in His light

He said I have to die to be reborn

He says I am to be immersed

He says even harder things

Why should I believe that He means it when He says

Forgive often and quickly

Seek my Kingdom

Be ye Kind one to another

Peter Marshal said

“We should read the Bible until it said to do something

Then lay the Bible down and go do it

Then return and read some more.”

Why do we make what is so simple

So complicated

Dear God forgive us who had rather argue

Religion than follow your Son

John Acuff

Country Lawyer

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