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In the country


In the country

Almost any day the life in the country

Is different from living in a town/city

I come in the afternoon and 3 to 4 rabbits

Are on guard duty in the drive way

I get to the house and one of the horses

May have decided to share the birdseed

You can tell as, the only way is for them

To knock the feeder down

Sometimes even though we do not own the cows

We get the calls that someoneís cows are out

And Carolyn and I go out to fix a fence

I would let the tenant fix the fence

If I wanted to hunt

I could stock the freezer with

Deer or turkey of Canada goose or rabbits

We donít allow hunting except

We allow Mayor Randolph and friends

To thin the rabbit herd

This week it was even more fun

The pump went out

Carolyn could not fix it so I would try

The spring house down the hill and up the creek

So with tools in hand I went

I had to walk across the boards

To get to the pressure tank

Halfway across one board broke

And I broke the other on the way down

So today in the office I told Scott

Who runs our office that I wanted

A Baptist or Church of Christ cell phone

He looked perplexed

I told him I wanted one that you could baptize

Without killing it

There you have it another day at the farm

John Acuff

Country lawyer

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