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There are people, organizations, magazines, news letters,businesses and places that over the last sixty years have touched me. If possible I'll give you a location or email address.

CHRISTIAN APPALACHIAN PROJECT Making a difference in the lives of the people or Eastern Kentucky for over fifty years in the name of Jesus

GALILEAN HOME A place in the hills of eastern Kentucky where the Kingdom of God has come. It is a refuge and a place of kindness. Jerry and Sandy Tucker have for many years now operated a place where children with out a place and find one. They operate one program Born Free, that takes the babies born to prisoners and raised them until their mothers get out and if the are in the Federal womans prison in Lexington the babies are taken to see their mothers each week. They also bring kids up from Central America who need surgery and keep them while they have it and heal so they can return to their homes. I've been there it's in Libery Kentucky and if you are in the area they would love to have you visit. THEY DO ALL THIS WITH NO!!! NO!!! Government funds. Galilean Home box 880 Liberty, Ky.42539-0880

NEW FRONTIERS A Christian camp etc near Smithville, Tennessee where Lori an Larry Neilist. They first came to me with a dream of a place to take care of teenagers that the system didn't seem to help. Both of them worked as juvenile service officers. Today they have a awesome place where they minister to the throw away kids and at the same time do outward bound types of summer camps for teenagers, ie ropes courses, climbing walls, white water long bike trips as to DC and else where and they also do weekends etc for church groups.

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