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Some care and show they care

I was refreshed

Monday I was in Nashville

There to meet a few men, many old friends

One very new one

Doug Coe reminded us to keep our eyes

Focused on Jesus

Then went to Starbucks ( my first time)

Had a good visit with my new friend Bo

I am so blessed to have him for a friend

We parted after a walk

I drove out to Davis Kidd bookstore

I had a gift certificate

I picked out two books

Took them to the check out

Then reached for my wallet

My pocket was empty

I called Starbuck with no result

I had peace no matter what

Driving toward home

Carolyn called a man had called

He had my wallet

I returned his call

He found my wallet and decided to keep it

As he did not trust the folks working there

I was very thankful

I told him to take money out of the wallet

Then to ship my wallet home

He said no that he would bring it to me

We live close to 90 miles away

Yesterday he came to my office

I greeted him and thanked him

I asked him to let me buy lunch

He said he needed to get back

Got in his bmw and left

I am simply awed at that act of service

Now I know how I should act

In similar circumstances

Thanks Ron Myrick

You have shown me what it means

To serve one another

Jesus remind me often of this gift

That I might pass it on

John Acuff

Country Lawyer

To be added or deleted

Your comments would be appreciated

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