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Alexander Graham Bell what have you wrought ?
I am so old that I remember party lines
More than one family on one line
You had a number that made it your ring
You then picked it up and wondered
If your nosey neighbor had also

Dick Tracy had a wrist phone
Tracy was a detective in the funny paper
First they took the phones you had to crank
Then they had an idea for one line one family
Sure did ruin a lot of good gossip
Then the shapes changed

Finally came the portable phones
Looked like a brief case
The president had a red one
He could use it to send the order
To start WWIII
Arenít you glad he did not use it

The kept shrinking
Now they are so small
That I lose one at least once a week
Usually but not always I find them again

Now the question
We can have instant communication anywhere
( unless you have Verison)
You can send a picture around the world
In a flash

The progress has been slow at times
And at times at a speed we canít comprehend
Would that our ability to communicate
Had kept up with our technology

Would you try at least once today to use the phone
To bring joy, comfort, a friendly voice
Wonder what the world would be like
If our ability to communicate caught up
With our toys
John Acuff
Country Lawyer

Oct 2018
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