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In Praise of Carolyn

words from the path
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In Praise of
john acuff
Mar 25, 2007

In praise of Carolyn

For those of you who know my wife

I can do little to add to her reputation

For those who do not

I tell you of this weekend only

She took care of me, hand and foot

Insisting I keep my foot elevated

Karl our son and his son Colin

Came up from Tallahassee

Colin is almost 5

Besides making sure that we all had food

She gave Colin memories

They will be his long after we are gone

He helped her feed our retired horses

He even gave the carrots

Then they along with Karl walked down the hill

To the creek the one we call Resurrection Creek

Colin had on rubber boots

Did not bother Carolyn that the water was deeper

They tried to catch spring lizards

Then they looked for fossils

They found several good ones

Colin really enjoyed throwing rocks

I guess they splashed on him or them

She has always taken time

To be with kids



Or any other ones who show up

She has taught a lot of kids to fish

Many others the love of God

She is so awesome

She knows what matters

Giving kids a view of a broader world

Showing them the wonders of Godís creation

These are her joy

I am so blessed just to watch her

Making wonderful memories

For Colin but also for the rest of us

John Acuff

Country Lawyer

We call it resurrection as a lot of folks have been buried there

And risen to newness of life

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